Why blog?

One of the reason is that one of my professors motivated or pushed me to start a blog. I was thinking of doing a blog anyway, because I want to tell you what my thoughts or opinions are. I want to see, if you or  others agree or disagree with me. Furthermore, I want to help people, especially to save some bucks. Also, I want to hear advices or thoughts from you or others. I want to connect with people, who wants to express themselves just like me. The most important reason for me is that blogging is fun. I had another blog, but I could not keep updating it, because I was extremely busy 🙂

What can you expect in my blog?

I will show you what I experience so far and what Itook from a every travel to different countries. I will show pictures and describe you my experience of my travel.

Who am I?

My name is Yves and I am in my twenties. I love traveling. I travel to 20 countries in my life so far. I travel to England, Wales, France, Italy, Norway, Netherland, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Austria, United Arab Emirate (Dubai), United States, Congo, Burundi, Ruanda, Kenya, Ethopia, Mexico and Argentina. I hope I wil make the list even longer in my life time. My dream is to see every continent.

Why did I choose the title “Me in the big world”?

I chose it because it describes that I am not just in one country, but I am all over the world. However the world is huge and I feel that seeing the world is my purpose in life. I wnat to see the big picture before I have to leave. For this reason I chose the title “Me in the big world” 🙂


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