Value of travel

Today, I am going to talk about a journey to Salta in Argentina. I traveled on my own to Salta, which is located in the north of Argentina. The flight was long and exhausting. I arrived in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, in the morning. From there I flew 2 hours to arrive in Salta, la linda (Salta the pretty). Salta is a touristic city. Salta is famous for his culture, architecture, food, warm people and especially the landscape, according to my guide book. I definitely agree.


The people were amazing. They welcome me with open arms and invite me to their barbecues. They are the best barbecues. I learned so much. I learned Spanish during the time and learn to see how important community and family is. People value family over work, because as one person describe to me that work will go and come, but family will always be there. I understood the importance of this message. I think that traveling is not just about entertainment, but to grow as a person. I want you to think what you learn from your trips.


Few days ago, I stumble over a blog from woman called Katherine. She had problems in life. People tried to help her, but she refused. She tried to help herself and she traveled. She experienced so much. She changed as a person due to travel