Up in the sky

If your friend tells you that he wants to travel, most of the time you assume he will travel far away, like the Bahamas. We think to travel is expensive. However, to travel just means to move or go from one place to another.  Many people use different transportation such as a car, bus, train, plane, or ship. To take trip, but also walking is enough to travel. You can do a journey by just simply walking to the next county or city nearby. I did the same to save some money. I will tell you about my little trip.

Early in the morning, my friends and I walked with our backpacks to city close by. We stay in the city and explore it. We found a brochure of a place, where we could sky dive. I was freighting, because I am not the biggest fan of heights. My friends told me that it is save and everybody should do it. Due to the high social pressure and my urge to overcome my limits, I said that we should do it. We had to walk some miles to get there. It was long walk and the weather was hot. I did not like it at all. After some hours we made it to the place. We had to sign some paper work, which stated that we can die from sky diving and that I am aware of the risk. If someone reads that before sky diving, then you feel much more comfortable knowing it could be your last day. After some time, I met my experience instructor and he explain everything. We went in the plane and the plane seems to have turbulences. Afterwards, I found out that they do it on purpose to see the condition of the participants. My instructor open the door of the plane in midair. I can see the landscape and feel the air and then we both fall out of the plane.

It was amazing to feel the adrenaline, all the excitement and freight at the same time. We land safely on the ground and my friends were waiting for me on the ground. My friends and I shared our experience and feelings. Then we walk all the way back home. We had great time in just one day.

This was my journey to the sky close by.